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Adam Russo is a college professor and today he has to deal with one of his lousiest students, Ty Roderick. But they are...

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Lulu's Crafts: Dude we speak portuguese .

Windows Sucks: I want to study inaustrlia

Jim Lord: Very surprise by the French!

Lyes Djida: It really comes down to who has the best voice. Out of the five guys my favorite was the man from Spain.

YongHee Kim: Seriously I didn't know those superstitions haha xd, I think those are more on the southern part of Mexico and I'm from.the northern part

Costy Hetalia: Fortunately the idea that women are solely meant to serve men is dying out in our culture and equality and compassion is starting to come into effect. Yay for progression!

Amy Azaire: Greeks turkish slavic mixed people


Lone Panda: I love you Russia, please don't change, don't fall for the USA media!

LightningGmr: close minded or arrogant

Myth The Sage: Okay but that black guy's accent in ocean's thirteen gOD, can someone tell me what accent is that?

Jeanne CADET: After these female tourist leaves some will take back diseases to their country.

Calvini2013: We LOVE our Mum.

MYthologY8000: That's why I don't date Germans haha

List of the Greatest Gay Icons in Music, ranked by fans. Gay icons come in all shapes and sizes. Some are fiercely bold divas, while others are openly gay and work to promote LGBT-centric issues, like gay rights and same-sex marriage. Gay music icons have had successful careers in rock, pop, disco and dance music. Several gay music icons have been making great music for decades.

Who is the most famous gay icon in music? Britney Spears was embraced by the gay community from the moment that she emerged as a pop star, but the "Toxic" singer didn't notice until her second tour. She told Advocate Magazine , "I began to realize there were a lot of gay people coming to the shows, and they were just having so much fun, laughing, and really enjoying themselves.

Other divas who are gay music icons include Lady Gaga and Barbra Streisand. David Bowie was embraced by the gay community when he revealed his androgynous alter-ego Ziggy Stardust. Bowie told Playboy magazine in that he was bisexual, but he later declared that he was just a closet heterosexual. He is rumored to have had a sexual relationship with Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Elton John is arguably the most popular gay musician in the world.

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In this series, parishioners go into the confessional booth seeking forgiveness, and as they confess we revisit the sins they've committed.
KonfytuR: Very True. Loved this video xD

Isaac Mcpeek: Sex first then coffee omg this is nasty !

Paul Mares: Vamos Argentina :)

Spanjard82: Ma io non sono napoletano basta con sta musica che poi mi vien da non buttare la spazzatura e vestirmi da pulcinella ahahah ovviamente scherzo ; W L'ITALIA

Laura Legille: Everyone should date their own, point blank.Interacial dating is for weirdos

Indus F: In Australia we believe in equality which means women can open their own fucking car door!

Imnota Robot: If she's Christian, she scored extra points! Can't see a Greek dating a Turk anyways.

Sree Rockss: Stereotypes. Russian men are mostly shit. Believe me, I'm Russian.

JIKitty: Man im glad im bilingual, worth double

Maracujade: The worst part of dating French people is that they easily surrender :(

CookingJames1: You know you're dating a RUSSIAN woman when the woman you're dating is an utterly vain, shallow, materialistic, pretentious bitch. There is a REASON that Russian women are ON ANOTHER CONTINENT.

Ajme Majko: So you go about touching people, just like that! o.o

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It is not only just the Tousled here. The San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers finished with same records in the NL West; Los Angeles was named the Unfettered Membership card conspire for San Diego had a well-advised head-to-head record.

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