Love Eating My Own Cum - Is it normal that i love to eat my own sperm?

Ask Your Question today. I am a nudist and have many times at nude beaches and hot springs.

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Love Eating My Own Cum

Hmmmm, my cock was, yes you guessed it, pointing right at my face. We call semen "nut" because it flavorful and savory. I'm 50 years old and have always been turned on by the thought of eating my cum when jerking off.

Well actually he only had his mouth hesitantly place on my cock just past the head, with no movement. While in high school, I one day cut my afternoon classes to go to a local theatre to see an X rated movie.

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I have been competent to bring myself to do it a few times and really enjoyed the taste and the feeling of all the sweltering thick jizz on my face. I lay on the bed with my legs up the wall and put on an act it flow. I've got an eight and a half inch cock and can only pick up within four inches of being qualified to suck myself I eat my own cum from time to mores, mostly after jacking off and mostly in the sprinkling, so I can spit out if I want which I never do I love to swallow.

I've brought it up to my wife, and she's getting closer to ordering me to eat it off her tits. If I can get her into it, I may eat every load!

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  1. YAY! Happy girl right now! Its so much fun to play with and ohh the sticky surprise inside. ahh GOD I love it!

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